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Acrylic bending machine

Acrylic bending machine

Heat Acrylic bending machine

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Collection of exhibits

Exhibit parameters

  • Exhibit code:SN007076
  • Size of exhibits(mm):OEM
  • Model of exhibits:ABM1300
  • Materials of exhibits:
  • Color of exhibits:OEM
  • Place of delivery:China-SHAN DONG -WEI FANG
  • Raw material production place:China-SHAN DONG -WEI FANG
  • Features of exhibits:

Details of exhibits


Product Description

Heat Acrylic bending machine

Specially used for heating and bending acrylic, plexiglass, PVC and other materials;

Easy to use, quick to make, good partner for dealing with acrylic.

There are mainly two models, ABM700 and ABM 1300, to make your acrylic easy to quantify.

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