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U型斗 Electric Cargo Tricycle (back door open)

U型斗 Electric Cargo Tricycle (back door open)

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  • Exhibit code:SN016307
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  • Place of delivery:China-SHAN DONG -WEI FANG
  • Raw material production place:China-SHAN DONG -WEI FANG
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Details of exhibits

JZ Electric Cargo Tricycle (back door open)


JZ Electric Engineering Vehicles on the construction site has the following characteristics: heavy load, scientific design, convenience and flexibility.


Small size and flexible movement: The JZ Electric Engineering Vehicles are reasonably designed, compact and flexible, and could be delivered to every place and every corner, so it could easily cope with various occasions.


Scientific design saves time and effort: the load capacity of the JZ Electric Engineering Vehicles are three times that of the ordinary man-powered dump truck, and the efficiency is increased by more than 50%, greatly reduce labor costs, making it an essential equipment for construction sites.


The speed of the differential electric box is adjustable: brushless differential motor, more flexible turning, stable and durable performance. Low noise and vibration levels of JZ Electric Engineering Vehicles ensure excellent operator comfort along with reduced environmental impact.


High-quality materials are strong and durable: The body of JZ electric engineering vehicles are made of high-quality materials, reinforced steel bars, strong and durable, bearing compression and corrosion resistance.


Main Features:

JZ-I-B electric cargo tricycle (back door open) are highly recommended product with a high sales confirmed. The last mile delivery again plays a major role in its growing popularity.  

Back door would be opened, simply to load and unload cargo, to serve your different needs.


Technical Parameter:

Model                                   JZ-I-B

Overall Dimension             2230 x 810 x 1250MM  

Curb Weight                               270Kg

Color                                Customized

Engine / Motor                       1.5Kw / 1.8Kw   

Rotation Mode                            Handlebar

Brake System                          drum brake      

Gears                       Forward/Rewind (3*2=6 speed)

Travel speed (max.)                        15Km/h

Standard tires               front:4.00-12 rear: 4.50-12   

Lithium Battery                           48V45Ah 

Bucket Size (L x W x D)             1145 X 735 X 440MM

Bucket Capacity                             0.38                      

Operating Weight                          1,500 kg