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电动微型挖掘机 Electric Miniature Excavator

电动微型挖掘机 Electric Miniature Excavator

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  • Place of delivery:China-SHAN DONG -WEI FANG
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JZ Electric Miniature Excavator



Main Features:

JZ-III01 electric miniature excavator is a crawler hydraulic excavator, it is earth-moving machine that use buckets to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface and load them into transportation vehicles or unload them to the stockyard. The excavated materials are mainly soil, coal, sediment, and loosen soil, rocks, ice and snow. Miniature excavator is suitable for narrow site, a place that is inaccessible to large machines. Greatly reduce the labor cost and.


Technical Parameter:

Model                                   JZ-III01      

Overall Dimension                  2550 x 930 x 2050mm

Color                                   Customized

Chassis Width                            950mm

Track Width                               18mm

Curb Weight                               950Kg

Engine / Motor                             1.5Kw                        

Driving Mode                          Crawler-type

Rotation Mode                        Steering wheel

Rotation Angle                             360°

Gradeability                                35°

Brake System                            Drum brake

Power System                         Hydraulic drive  

Lithium Battery                           70V140Ah

Bucket Capacity                              0.03 

Scoop Width                                400mm                 

Digging Height                             2350mm

Digging Depth                             1500mm

Excavation Radius                           2500mm

Discharge Height                           1750mm