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电动清洁车 Electric Sweeper Tricycle

电动清洁车 Electric Sweeper Tricycle

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  • Place of delivery:China-SHAN DONG -WEI FANG
  • Raw material production place:China-SHAN DONG -WEI FANG
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JZ Electric Sweeper Tricycle



Main Features:

JZ-V01 electric sweeper tricycle has the characteristics of small volume, flexible steering, no emission, low noise and multi-purpose.

It could be widely used in the cleaning of narrow roads such as urban streets, secondary trunk roads and branch roads, residential areas, urban parks, squares, pedestrian streets, factory and mine scenic spots, campuses, etc.

The whole tricycle vehicle sweeps the road garbage to the suction cup area through the brush, and then it is sucked by the fan, sucked by the suction cup and sucked into the dustbin through the dust suction pipe. A nozzle is set at the front end of the brush to spray water to suppress dust and prevent secondary pollution in the cleaning process. The whole tricycle vehicle could effectively fill the cleaning gap left by medium and large vehicles and complete the cleaning operations in areas that cannot be reached by conventional products. It is flexible and convenient to use.



Technical Parameter:

Model                                   JZ-V01

Overall Dimension                1936 x 1580 x 2168MM  

Curb Weight                               500Kg

Color                                 Customized

Rotation Mode                       Steering Wheel

Steering Angle                           ±(80±2)°

Outside Steering Radius                   1500mm

Standard Tires                     Front /rear: 5.00-12

Brake System                           Drum brake  

Braking Distance                           6m

Gears                       Forward/Rewind  (3*2=6 Speed)

Battery                                 48V105AH

Climbing Height                           120mm

Climbable Gradient                         20°

Wheel Tread                             928mm

Wheel Base                             1210±5mm          

Travel Speed (max.)                        25Km/h

Operating Speed                          0~6Km/h

Continuous Operation                         6~8h

Cleaning capacity                          10,000/h

Dustbin Capacity                            100

Water Tank Capacity                         70        

Operating Weight                           2,000 kg